The vision of the Viviers de Saint Colomban combines 2 axes: local and quality.
By cultivating oysters in the Bay of Quiberon (mainly) as well as in the Gulf of Morbihan, we guarantee oysters of very good nutritional and organoleptic quality thanks in particular to the richness of these waters.

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The fishing areas for our shellfish

French leader on the shellfish market, we mainly sell shells, clams, oysters and mussels (Bouchot in season) from breeding and fishing.
The shells are purified and processed in Carnac.

carte avec les zones de pêches des viviers de saint colomban pour les coquillages

Baie of Somme

• Shells

Baie of Veys

• Shells


• Shells and clams


• Mussels

Baie of la Baule

• Clams

Saint brieuc

• Mussels


• Clams

The bay of Arcachon

• Clams

Some key figures :

18 hectares...

We have 18 hectares of park in Baie de Plouharnel where we grow shells, clams and oysters.

More than 500 fishermen....

More than 500 fishermen on foot harvest for us on sites such as Baie de Somme, Baie des veys, Golf du Morbihan, Baie de La Baule, Le Croisic, Noirmoutier and the Arcachon basin….
Our barges and trucks then transport them to our purification and packaging centre in Carnac.

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