We have in our basins, crabs, spiders crab, lobsters, royal lobsters, schrimp and red lobster pots all year round. We are supplied daily by livewell trucks coming down from Ireland and by fishing boats that sail the Breton coasts (mainly Roscoff and Saint Malo) directly at our base in Carnac.
Our constant concern for quality leads us to store shellfish in our filtered tanks and to remove them from the water only when ordered for more freshness.

It is the most famous and most awaited crab of Iroise. In the spring, legions of spiders leave the depths to breed near our coasts. These large orange and debonary crustaceans are then caught in our nets that bloom on the sea at that time. Then they join our basins in our site in Carnac.
We work with the famous blue lobster, very appreciated in gastronomy, the European blue lobster, also known as Breton lobster or Audresselles lobster, which has been re-colonized for ten years on the northern coasts of the English Channel... All the products we offer meet a quality charter that we have been honoring for several generations to respect.
trois hommes qui enlèvent les araignées des filets

Freshness and shellfish....

We are able to store more than 15 tons of crustaceans in our tanks because they are equipped with filtration systems as well as refrigeration systems.

Our strong point

In order to prove our know-how and guarantee you the best quality, crustaceans are processed in our pounds !

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